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Hugo: The Therapy Dog Who Captured Our Hearts

In the heart of our community at Talbot Lodge, an extraordinary guest has made not one, but two unforgettable visits that have left a lasting impression on both residents and staff alike. 


Hugo, a therapy dog with an uncanny ability to spread joy and comfort, has quickly become a beloved figure within our home.

Hugo’s First Visit


Hugo’s initial visit was a delightful surprise for everyone at Talbot Lodge. 


His gentle demeanour and warm presence brought smiles to faces and a sense of calm to the atmosphere. Residents were thrilled to interact with him, finding solace in his calming presence and the unconditional affection he offered.


The positive impact of Hugo’s visit was evident in the lively conversations that followed, with residents sharing stories of their own pets and the joy those animals brought into their lives. 

Hugo’s Return…


The news of Hugo’s return visit was met with great enthusiasm. This time, residents and staff alike were ready to welcome their four-legged friend with open arms. 


Hugo, familiar with the surroundings and faces, seemed just as excited to be back, making his rounds and spending time with each resident, offering comfort and eliciting joy.


His second visit further cemented his status as an honorary member of the Talbot Lodge family. 


The laughter, the pats, and the quiet moments shared between Hugo and the residents highlighted the profound impact that therapy animals can have on the well-being and happiness of those in care settings.


Hugo’s visits have sparked conversations about the invaluable role of therapy animals in care homes, showcasing the positive changes they can bring about in mood, social interaction, and overall well-being. 


The anticipation for his visits now weaves through daily life at Talbot Lodge, bringing a sense of excitement and joy to both residents and staff.


Here’s to Hugo, our four-legged friend who has become so much more than a visitor, but a cherished part of our family.

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