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Reflecting on Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2024 Across Our Homes

Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2024 was an extraordinary event across our Brookhaven Healthcare locations, as we came together to support a cause that touches so many lives. This year, our events at Droimnín Nursing Home, Brookhaven Ballyragget, and Talbot Lodge were not just about raising funds but also about strengthening our community ties through shared activities and meaningful engagements. Here’s a recap of how each home contributed to this important day:


Droimnín Nursing Home

At Droimnín, the day was marked by a vibrant Bake Sale Fundraiser, where residents and staff showcased their baking prowess. The array of homemade cakes, cookies, and other treats not only delighted those who attended but also helped raise substantial funds for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The success of the event was evident in the smiles and laughter shared, as well as in the generous contributions that flowed throughout the day. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who baked, sold, and bought treats, making the day a remarkable success.


Brookhaven Ballyragget

Over at Brookhaven Ballyragget, residents and staff enjoyed an afternoon filled with more than just tea and pastries. The day was packed with engaging activities like volleyball and arts and crafts, adding a fun and interactive element to the fundraiser. The combination of delicious scones and pastries with lively activities provided a perfect blend of enjoyment and philanthropy, contributing positively to Alzheimer’s awareness and support.

Talbot Lodge

Talbot Lodge hosted an afternoon rich with community spirit, where residents and staff came together to share tea and treats. This gathering was not only about raising funds but also about raising awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s, providing an opportunity for everyone to learn more about how they can support those affected. The deep sense of community and the earnest desire to make a difference were palpable, proving once again the impact of collective efforts in advocacy and support.


Closing Thoughts

The events across each location were a testament to the compassion and dedication of our communities. These events have helped not only to raise funds but also to bring awareness to the forefront, ensuring continued support for those affected and their families.


Our continued commitment to Alzheimer’s awareness and care remains strong, buoyed by the success of this year’s Tea Day. We look forward to fostering more such initiatives, building on the momentum to support ongoing research and aid.


Thank you once again to all who participated, contributed, and supported Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2024. 

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