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What does the admission process entail? What paperwork is required?

The admission process depends largely on where you are transferring from.


Hospital Transfers:

This will require an assessment by the Nursing Home Team. Once the team within the hospital confirm that you are well enough to transfer, a date can then be set. In this case funding may be given by the hospital for a short period of time pending the Fair Deal being applied for. This is known as Transitional Funding and is usually sought by the Social Worker that has been appointed to you.


Private transfer from Home:

This will require an assessment by the Nursing Home Team to determine your suitability and needs. Once this occurs the transfer can happen quickly. The nursing home GP will usually make contact with your GP and determine the needs of the individual. You will be requested to get an up to date prescription 48 hours prior to transfer.


You will need a supply of clothes on admission to the nursing home but these and all other details will be discussed with you in advance.


During Covid-19 pandemic, ALL residents being admitted to Nursing Home MUST have a Covid-19 test with a ‘Not Detected’ result prior to admission.

Is specialist care available for things like reduced mobility, diabetes, dementia etc?

Of course! Brookhaven Healthcare prides itself in having staff that are trained in the areas of dementia, diabetes and other ailments and conditions. All our Nursing staff are qualified in a wide range of nursing disciplines such as General Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Intellectual Disability Nursing.


All care staff are qualified to at least FETAC Level 6 or equivalent.

What activities & events are held at Brookhaven Care Homes?

Brookhaven Care Homes offer a wide range of activities and events to our Residents. Each Home employs full-time activity coordinators who design weekly activities calendars to cater to the interests of all our Residents.


Weekly activities include arts & crafts, card games, dancing lessons and group exercise classes to name but a few. We host weekly themed events and invite our local community members to participate where possible, as well as celebrating all religious holidays and Residents’ birthdays.

Can Residents personalise their rooms?

All rooms are provided fully furnished but we actively encourage our Residents to personalise their rooms with photographs, ornaments, and additional furniture. Obviously we cannot accommodate large pieces of furniture and we must ensure that all items coming into the room are safe and fit for purpose.


You will also have access to a safe and we encourage residents who can manage their own monies to do so. Residents are invited to bring familiar items from home into their room to make it feel like theirs. Photographs and framed pictures can be hung up and where possible we will always endeavor to ensure you make as many choices regarding your personal space as possible.

Can Residents leave the Care Home?

Yes, we actively encourage our Residents to go and visit family and friends or to attend events, whether that is going on holidays/overnight stays or day outings.


We will support you when outings are arranged. However, during Covid-19 it is not recommended that the residents go on outings or overnight visits with families.

What supports for funding are available?

Support is available via the ‘Fair Deal Scheme’ which is administered by the HSE, under which you can apply for financial support to help pay for the cost of care of your weekly bed rate in a nursing home. The support available to you will be based on a means-tested appraisal carried out by the HSE. The level of support depends on both your income and assets.


All Brookhaven Homes are ‘Fair Deal’/NTPF approved. This means that that the HSE makes a determination on how much you will pay, and then the HSE will pay the balance. This applies regardless of the cost of care in your chosen Home. Note that it can take several weeks to get approval on the Fair Deal support so you should apply well in advance of admission.


To learn more and for the most up to date information please visit here.


Should you not be eligible for Fair Deal, or decide that you do not want to avail of this process, you can pay the total cost of care and be invoiced directly for care on a monthly basis.

How long will it take to get a bed? Is there a waiting list?

This will largely depend on vacancies in the Nursing Home but once there is an available bed the process does not take long. It is important however to contact the Nursing Home of your choice as soon as you know that you require residential care.


Expressing an interest early can ensure that each Director of Nursing is aware of your situation and knows of your wish to avail of residential services. The process of transferring into the Nursing Home does not take long; however, the preparation involved with paperwork and hospitals administration can take longer so it is always better to plan in advance and be prepared.

Who looks after each Resident’s health needs?

On admission you will be assigned a keyworker and key Nurse. A GP is also provided if your current GP is not in a position to attend you in the Nursing Home.


Other multi-disciplinary team members will also be involved in your care and this may include but is not limited to physiotherapist, dietitician, chiropodist, dentist, optician and speech and language therapist.


Other medical professionals involved in your care may include the psychiatry of old age and behavioral support teams.

What facilities are available to Residents?

Brookhaven Homes offer an extensive range of facilities to our Residents which include landscaped gardens, recreational & activities rooms, hairdressing salons, tea & coffee rooms, oratories, and sensory rooms.


We would love to show you around any of our Care Homes so please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Do all Residents get their own room with en suite?

The vast majority of rooms across all Brookhaven Homes are single occupancy with ensuite.


However, we also offer a small number of twin rooms in some Homes which is sometimes preferential to residents who prefer company or for couples who wish to share.

What are the visiting arrangements at Brookhaven Care Homes?

In normal circumstances, families and friends are free to visit with you in our Nursing Homes every day with certain restrictions around mealtimes and obviously a closing time each night. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all residents on admission must isolate for 14 days as per the National guidelines.


There are restrictions in place on visitors where they have travelled outside Ireland depending on the status of that country. Local (county) restrictions will also impact on visits.


While the visiting arrangement in each nursing home may change depending on local outbreaks, the current situation is that visits are facilitated with families and friends in all Brookhaven nursing homes by means of a visitor’s booth/pod.

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