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The Brookhaven Story

Enjoy life to the fullest and feel secure in the level of care provided

About Brookhaven Healthcare

At Brookhaven Healthcare, our goal is always to provide a safe & secure home for our Residents. We operate five nursing homes across Ireland, which are guided by the same core values and approaches to care, each with its own unique environment. All our nursing homes are purpose built, and 85% of the rooms are single occupancy ensuite.


Brookhaven Healthcare’s management team, is led by our Chairman, Tim Murphy, and CEO Tom Finn have a combined experience of managing nursing homes for more than 60 years.


We are committed to exceptional care as well as community engagement & enhanced living experiences.

Our Values

At Brookhaven Healthcare , our core values shape the foundation of our care and service.

Glitz and Glam at Talbot Lodge!


Respect is at the heart of our interactions at Brookhaven. We believe in the inherent dignity of all individuals, recognising and honouring the unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives they bring to our community. By fostering a culture of respect, we create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.


Kindness is the thread that weaves through every aspect of our care. It’s in the gentle words of encouragement, the compassionate touch, and the thoughtful gestures that brighten a resident’s day. We strive to make kindness not just an act, but a way of life within our homes and services.

Honest Communications

Honesty and transparency are crucial in building trust and integrity within our community. We prioritize clear, open communication with residents, families, and team members, ensuring that everyone is informed, involved, and respected in all decisions and discussions.


Our strength lies in our teamwork. We believe in the power of collaboration, drawing on the diverse skills and talents of our team to achieve the best outcomes for our residents. Together, we tackle challenges, celebrate successes, and continuously work towards enhancing the quality of care and life at Brookhaven.


Empathy drives our ability to connect with and understand the needs of those we care for. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we can provide more personalized, sensitive care that truly makes a difference in their lives.

Building Vibrant Communities

We’re proud to have our homes embedded in local communities we serve.


Welcoming Our New Group CEO, Tom Finn

We are thrilled to introduce Tom Finn as the new Group CEO of our organisation.


Tom’s professional journey began in Ireland, where he started his career as a psychiatric nurse.


His passion for healthcare and commitment to making a tangible difference in people’s lives propelled him from the local settings of Ireland to the high-pressure emergency rooms of Los Angeles.


Tom has quickly become a beloved figure among both residents and staff. His hands-on approach and genuine interest in the daily activities and well-being of our residents have endeared him to everyone.

Our Care Homes

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What People Say

For every resident, we create a space of SafetyComfortBelonging

When you come to the realization that one of your parents need 24-hour care which you can’t provide, a Nursing Home becomes your only choice, and it is not one that we ever considered in our close-knit family. So when our dear mother Kathleen entered Talbot Lodge, we learned wonderful lessons in care, kindness, and professionalism. From the minute you enter the doors into Reception, there is a great sense of friendliness and welcome. The staff go out of their way to continue that, coupled with all the care they give to everyone. In fact, each Resident is made to feel special, and indeed the same with family and friends visiting.
Eveline & her wonderful staff made a very difficult time in our lives so much easier and indeed when Mam passed away through Covid restrictions, they treated us with amazing care and sympathy. As our Dad was inclined to say “We will be forever grateful”.
It is a heartbreaking journey towards realising that you can no longer provide the loving care needed for your beloved Mother.
A nursing home was never in our plan. But the decision was taken out of our hands after a devastating fall. Talbot Lodge was recommended by friends and from the first day we viewed it, until three years later when Mam died RIP, we had a growing appreciation for the constant love, attention, and care that Mam received, day and night. We are still in awe today at the chats, the kindness and humour and fun Mam enjoyed with her Carers, along with all her physical and mental needs met with speed and accuracy by the medical team. Their names live in our hearts every day. A sincere thank you to Eveline and her loyal staff.
I recently visited my Aunt in your nursing home and I found the professionalism of the management and staff was second to none. All staff did a great job managing COVID-19 in the last year. My Aunt is very happy and has expressed her love of the friendly staff and management. It is fabulous to see such dedication to the care of others in these strange times.
A close relative has been here for a few years and been very well looked after. Friendly and competent staff, very nice interior and overall very good atmosphere.
Beautiful setting Very Friendly staff, great food and activities, would recommend to anyone, Nice and Clean too!!
Peaceful location, nice outdoor spacious grounds with a lovely private courtyard for residents and visitors.

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