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Freshly Baked Delights at Droimnín Nursing Home!

We’d a special day in the kitchen at Droimnín Nursing Home as our talented residents rolled up their sleeves for a delightful baking session. Together,…

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Floral Fun at Talbot Lodge

At Talbot Lodge, we eagerly embrace activities that stir creativity.   Recently, our enthusiasm and creativity. Discovering the Art of Floral Design   Under the…

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Delightful Sunday Vibes at Talbot Lodge!

At Talbot Lodge, Sundays have taken on a new charm thanks to our recent series of live music performances paired with the perfect weather.   …

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Hugo the Therapy Dog Returns to Talbot Lodge!

Hugo the Therapy Dog Returns to Talbot Lodge! 🎉🐶   We had another wonderful visit from Hugo, our favorite therapy dog, at Talbot Lodge!  …

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Gardening Day at An Teaghlach Uilinn!

Spring is in full swing, and our residents at An Teaghlach Uilinn are eagerly embracing the season, returning to their beloved gardens.    Armed with…

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Reflecting on Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2024 Across Our Homes

Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2024 was an extraordinary event across our Brookhaven Healthcare locations, as we came together to support a cause that touches so many…

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Spring Renovations at An Teaghlach Uilinn

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, An Teaghlach Uilinn Nursing Home has embraced the spirit of renewal that comes with spring. We're…

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Hugo: The Therapy Dog Who Captured Our Hearts

In the heart of our community at Talbot Lodge, an extraordinary guest has made not one, but two unforgettable visits that have left a lasting…

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