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Threads of Generosity: Heartfelt Exchanges at Brookhaven

In the cosy corners of our Brookhaven Home, magic is woven not just with yarn, but with kindness and generosity.


Meet Mary Campion, a cherished resident with golden hands and a heart to match.


Mary crafted a stunning scarf, stitch by stitch.


This wasn’t just any scarf; it was a special gift for our Chairman, Tim Murphy. 🧣


Tim was deeply moved by Mary’s thoughtful gesture and was on site to receive this wonderful gift in person.


But the circle of giving didn’t stop there. Tim presented Mary with a packet of wool, a simple yet profound token to encourage her passion and talent for knitting.


This exchange goes beyond gifts; it’s a testament to the bonds that form in our community, and the appreciation we have for one another.


Here’s to more moments like these, where small gestures create lasting memories. 💕

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