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What Families Say

We pride ourselves on making our residents & their families feel at ease


It is a heartbreaking journey towards realising that you can no longer provide the loving care needed for your beloved Mother.
A nursing home was never in our plan. But the decision was taken out of our hands after a devastating fall. Talbot Lodge was recommended by friends and from the first day we viewed it, until three years later when Mam died RIP, we had a growing appreciation for the constant love, attention, and care that Mam received, day and night. We are still in awe today at the chats, the kindness and humour and fun Mam enjoyed with her Carers, along with all her physical and mental needs met with speed and accuracy by the medical team. Their names live in our hearts every day. A sincere thank you to Eveline and her loyal staff.
I recently visited my Aunt in your nursing home and I found the professionalism of the management and staff was second to none. All staff did a great job managing COVID-19 in the last year. My Aunt is very happy and has expressed her love of the friendly staff and management. It is fabulous to see such dedication to the care of others in these strange times.
A close relative has been here for a few years and been very well looked after. Friendly and competent staff, very nice interior and overall very good atmosphere.
Beautiful setting Very Friendly staff, great food and activities, would recommend to anyone, Nice and Clean too!!
Peaceful location, nice outdoor spacious grounds with a lovely private courtyard for residents and visitors.
We are so lucky to work within a group as we all support each other within the group network and you will never feel alone.
Ensuring our residents are healthy and happy is most important to us. Personally, I want to thank each and every staff member for their hard work. Their staff are creating a very strong family environment with their team work which I am so proud of.
I want to express my special thanks to our residents as well as family members for their understanding and support, especially over these trying times.
Homely environment for anyone looking for a safe and quality care facility that is supported and managed by highly efficient team members. Lovely place to recommend to our loved ones.

I cannot thank Brookhaven Healthcare enough for the care they’ve provided to my mother. She is happy, healthy and safe, and I am confident she’s receiving the full-time care she needs.

Out of all the assisted living facilities I’ve visited, Brookhaven is the most impressive. Their staff are professional and kind, & the facility was very clean and welcoming.

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