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Delightful Sunday Vibes at Talbot Lodge!

At Talbot Lodge, Sundays have taken on a new charm thanks to our recent series of live music performances paired with the perfect weather. 


Recently, our residents experienced yet another delightful Sunday that encapsulated the essence of relaxation and community spirit.


The day began with an invigorating live music performance held in our spacious common room. 


Our talented musicians, comprising local artists and occasional resident performers, filled the room with melodious sounds that had everyone tapping their feet. 


Classics from various eras were played, evoking memories and encouraging even the shyest among us to sing along.


As the music wound down, the residents were not ready to end the day’s enjoyment. Taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather, many ventured into the gardens that surround Talbot Lodge.


Here’s to more sunny and melodious Sundays at Talbot Lodge! 🌹🎵

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