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Hugo the Therapy Dog Returns to Talbot Lodge!

Hugo the Therapy Dog Returns to Talbot Lodge! 🎉🐶


We had another wonderful visit from Hugo, our favorite therapy dog, at Talbot Lodge!


His return brought smiles, laughter, and an abundance of joy to all our residents and staff.


As he wandered the halls of Talbot Lodge, Hugo greeted each resident and staff member with his wagging tail and his incredibly gentle nature. 


The atmosphere was filled with warmth as residents took turns petting and cuddling with Hugo. 


They shared treats with him, creating a bond that only the comforting presence of a furry friend can foster.


Thank you to Hugo and his handler for making this visit possible and for bringing such happiness to our community.


We look forward to many more visits from our beloved four-legged friend! 🐾❤️

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